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Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Wet Application Process

The staple technique of this season. In our community we call it Mary Kay Order of Application but WAP is a way better acronym than MKOA

Our favorite brands are giving us what we want the most. Easy to use eyeshadow that is jammed packed with pigment, comes with an application brush and is all around to legit to quit! Let me tell you about two of my favs for the season.

First, we have ILIA liquid powder chromatic eye tint as seen in Cosmo.

Next up we have a Mary Kay cosmetics giving us not one - but 4 different shades of the shadow of the season! I love that the Mary Kay line has a variation of High Pigment shades to choose from - Purple Nova, Light Beam, Pink Starlight, and Mentor Shower.

Meanwhile similar products by Ilia Beauty currently only come in one color - Mythic. This shadow tube is 28.00 dollars, as opposed to Mary Kay's Liquid shadow- at only 14.00 a tube.

What a steal of a deal, both liquid shadows are packed full of antioxidants!

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