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Clear Proof Acne bonus products: Charcoal Mask

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

The charcoal mask has been all the rage for some time now. From seeing friends post pictures of their faces covered in unidentifiable goop on social media platforms all the way to watching strangers post youtube videos of themselves crying and screaming while trying to peel them off. I do not know about you but this sure made me want to stay far away from the Charcoal Mask craze. That is until finding the miraculous clear proof charcoal mask.

The Clear Proof Charcoal mask is a part of the already game-changing Clear Proof Acne system family, so you know right away that it comes with good reviews. If you are unfamiliar with the Clear Proof Acne System set, get to know it from reading my other blog post; Clear Proof Acne system; and why you need it.

Goodbye to the days of being afraid to try or worse takeoff a Charcoal mask because of an idea of unbearable pain!

Say hello to The Clear Proof Charcoal mask who is winning with it's truly one of a kind formula. When you first squeeze this mask out of the bottle you will be greeted with a whipped, velvety texture that screams "hurry, put me on your face"! While the Clear Proof Charcoal mask dries you will still have no reason to be worried at all. This is because when the mask dries, it is simply the hardening of the two active clay ingredients Kaolin and Bentonite. This means no dreadful, painful peal because all you need with the Clear Proof Charcoal Mask is a warm damp cloth. This will leave you screaming for joy!

So now that we know it will be a painless, luxury, experience for our face. Let's get to all the great things that our Clear Proof Charcoal Mask will do for us!

Packing 3x the punch of other Charcoal Mask with its ability to immediately diminish shine, penetrate your pores and use its magnetic strength to pull out 2X its weight! With the Clear Proofs Charcoal Mask ability to do this, it this it leaves the skin feeling cleaner than just the surface. Talk about a powerlifter!

Now I bet you're thinking "Well, what kind of ingredients are in this mask to make it so magnificent?

With two of the four active ingredients being the long-loved honeysuckle and treasured Navy Bean, these extracts leave skin with an improvement in discoloration. Then with the help of Kaolin and Bentonite Clays also as active ingredients you needn't worry about oily shiny skin anymore and you can kiss the appearance of large pores goodbye!

Now is your time to get in on the charcoal craze with your very own lush Clear Proof Charcoal Mask. I don't know about you, but nothing about the idea of having a glowing complexion and happy healthier pores sounds scary to me!

Click the Charcoal Mask below and get it to your doorstep!

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