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Blushing For The Holidays

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

In case you haven't noticed the holidays are here, and its time to spread holiday joy and good cheer on all your zoom celebrations, so let's start with what's really important this holiday season, how great your blush and highlight will look while you're on FaceTime!

With all the face action of the day, it's time that we give our blush the holiday upgrade that it deserves! I'm am going to share with you two trending blushes that will have you glowing all through the night.

First up we have Mary Kay Chromafusion blush that comes in 10 beautiful shades, and we also have our Chanel illumination powder blush in the shade quintessence. Mary Kay's Chromafusion blush in the shade "Shy blush" is what I would closely compare to the shade of quintessences.

While both of the blushes glide on the skin beautifully the "Shy Blush" really packed a pigment punch that lasted throughout the day thanks to the chroma fusion technology, making this blush great for all day wear.

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